There are variant human societies that evolved independently of Earth for thousands of years after whose ancestors were taken from Earth by the Progenitors. They are scientifically part of the same homo sapiens species as "normal" humans, but culturally different from them. These biologically human but cultulrally alien races initially lived on worlds in the space occupied first by the Progenitors and later by the Progenitor-created robotic races of Golems. The expansionist and militaristic policies of the Horsehead Empire and the Mantis Lords caused these variant human offshoots to somestimes end up under either of the two aforementioned powers. The Mantis Lords and human-supremacist movements in the United Republic of Earth generally deny that these human variants are true humans, though within the United God Movement, even many conservatives often try to convert these human offshoot races to the "true" God. These human variants traditionally worship the Progenitors and sometimes the Golems as gods, though both the United God Movement and the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun have made inroads. Some members of these human variant races have also ended up living in the United Republic of Earth or under the noble rule of House Lionheart, with both governments officially viewing these human variants as true humans. The variant human races traditionally have shared their civilizations with the dog-like race of the Keiki.

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