Vaynai III is a planet in the Vaynai System that has many species.

Vaynai III Inhabitants

In 2153, a gigantic floating bazaar was located on the Xanthan homeworld, home to numerous alien merchants and visitors. Among the species identified at the bazaar were Benzite-like individuals, V'radians, members of Zjod's species, and several previously unseen races.

Marmot Seller

File:Alien Merchant.JPG

In search of the formula for trellium-D, Jonathan Archer and several crewmen from Enterprise encountered this alien merchant. The merchant attempted to sell Archer a Xanthan marmot, an animal native to the Xanthan homeworld. He told Archer that they make wonderful pets and succulent meals. Archer refused the sale. The merchant was distinguished by bumpy head and bat-like ears, his hands featured a ridge of flesh just above the knuckles. (Template:ENT)

The "Alien Merchant" was played by B.K. Kennelly, his makeup appliances likely consisted of reused Reman ears from
Vaynai III

Alien Couple

File:Xanthan Homeworld couple.jpg

Likely visitors to the Xanthan bazaar, this interracial alien couple was observed near a scenic viewpoint. The alien man was tall with long, brown hair, his forehead featured a crescent-shaped crest and a ridge that extended down the middle of the forehead to the nose. The man's escort was dark-skinned, with a less elaborate set of ridges on the bridge of her nose. She had dark, puffy hair which emerged from a tall, cylindrical hat. The man wore a blue suit a gloves, the woman wore a dress with a gaudy print. (Template:ENT)

The man wears a Kazon forehead.

Blue-skinned Alien

File:Louis Ortiz, Rajiin.jpg

This member of a bald blue-skinned race was a visitor on the floating bazaar on the Xanthan homeworld. (Template:ENT)

He was uncredited played by regular extra and occasional stuntman Louis Ortiz.

Alien Merchant

File:Hilde Garcia, Rajiin.jpg

This merchant from an unknown race sold several things on the floating bazaar on the Xanthan homeworld, (Template:ENT)

This merchant was uncredited played by regular extra Hilde Garcia.

Yellow Dabo girl's race

File:Nikki Flux, Rajiin.jpg

A race of bald, yellow-skinned aliens with large eye-sockets and large, slitted nostrils. They have an enlarged skull, not unlike the Voth's. The side of their skull is striped pink and they sometimes decorate the back of their head with small jewels.

A member of this species sold eggs on the floating bazaar on the Xanthan homeworld. (Template:ENT)

She was uncredited played by regular extra Nikki Flux.

Slave Girls

File:Zjod and slave girls.jpg

At least six alien women were for sale at the Xanthan bazaar by an alien called Zjod. Among the females were a Nuvian, an Oran'taku native, and four more unidentified alien females.

All humanoid, these females were mostly Caucasian, though one was dark-skinned. Three had prominent forehead ridges of various patterns, one had a group of bumps in a circular formation at the center of her forehead. One of the slave girls had long, pointed ears and green spots. (Template:ENT)

The slave girls were played by Roxanne Doman (left in the above picture), Jamie Freeman (right in the below picture), and two unknown actresses.

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