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Nearby star with one of the first detected circumstellar disks. Recently, it was surmised that this disk was caused by a collision between Pluto sized objects.

Vega System Web Pages

Vega System Artwork

Vega System In the News

Dust Disk Discovered by IRAS (1983)

Follow-Up Observations (1984-1994)

article (1984)

Dust Disc First Imaged by JACA (1998)

Planet Detected With Disk Modelling (2000)

Ring Arc Planet Announced(2002)

Clump Planet Announced (2002)

Migrating Neptune Announced (2003)

Disk Caused By Plutonic Collision (Jan 2005)

Spitzer Images a Bigger Dust Disk (2005) article

Vega's Bulge Discovered (2005)

Vega System Fun Links

System Factoids

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Vega Star Factoids

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Planet b Factoids

  • Sample Factoid
  • Sample Factoid

Map of Vega System

0.00 AU - Vega
x.xx AU - <periapsis/semi-major-axis/apapsis of sample planet>
x.xx AU - <habitability zone/stability zone/disk feature positions>

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