A fake VeggieTales episode. It was originally named "Lost Episode".


This video is divided into two stories.


A pirate named Patchy notices the very first episode of VeggieTales was lost forever! They called it a lost episode. Until, they had to find it. First, they went to a store called "Barg-n-Mart", and there was a sign - "No Pirates." Next, they went to a forked tree. Then, he went to a playground called "The 8 Trials of VeggieLagoon". Until they found the lost episode.

Gideon and His Army

The car pulls up to the factory. Then they had to go through a policeman. A worker came and noticed Gideon saying he look like "Treesh". Roz points out the theme of the day at the factory is Chinese food.


  • Narrator: Last month, a never-before-seen episode was known to be lost after Big Idea's bankruptcy. The world is waiting to see this episode of VeggieTales!
  • (Cut to Patchy taking a shower, Potty flushes toilet)
  • Potty: Kids are here to see the lost episode!
  • Patchy: I know the lost episode of VeggieTales was discovered to be lost.
  • Children: No! You can't do that! It's anti-lost!
  • Patchy: Then, I have no idea where it is! BWWWAAAAH! (Closes the shower curtain)
  • (A montage of the Pirates Who Don't Do Anything is then shown, applause, cut to Patchy on sofa)
  • Patchy: I have lost the lost episode of VeggieTales and now I have to find out!
  • (Cut to window of Patchy's house, map flies through window, glass breaks)
  • Patchy: It's a map to the lost episode.
  • (Cut to Mrs. Hamblin's house)
  • Hamblin: Can you boys make me a batch of fresh cookies?
  • Patchy: Put 'em in the doggy bag. We are on a treasure hunt, ma'am.
  • Hamblin: OK!
  • (Cut to the interior of Barg-n-Mart, when Patchy is done shopping)
  • Cashier: Read the sign!
  • Patchy: No pirates.
  • (Patchy runs out of Barg-n-Mart)
  • Patchy: It's pirate-American to you!!
  • (Cut to a fork tree)
  • Patchy: I have to find a fork!
  • (Cut to the map)
  • Patchy: All that's left is - the eight trails of VeggieLagoon.
  • (Map reveals down to an island)
  • Patchy: Only for Bob and Larry! (Cut to him digging) I survived the trails and I stepped on something!
  • (Runs to the house)
  • Patchy: Potty! Hit the remote!
  • Potty: Brawk! (Egg falls on remote - CRACK! Hits the "play" button on the remote, VCR turns on)
  • (Countdown starts, ends at two)
  • Patchy: I can't believe it. More Veggies!
  • Potty: Brawk! Pat...?
  • Patchy: SHUT UP!
  • ("Walk Cycles" begins with Nicholas walking down the streets of Greece, while Western music is playing in background. Greek men are on the sides of the streets. Ladies fell down on the sidewalk and pots fell. Gentlemen that wore red-and-white polka-dotted bandana fell and shoes fell. "Walk Cycles" ends with a fish thrown at Nicholas.)
  • Patchy: That's the lost episode? It was just a bunch of cheap walk cycles that'll give you a spanking.
  • Potty: Brawk! What a rip, and a hothead!
  • Patchy: (His face turns red, smoke came out of his ears) Gr... Veggies betrayed us! (Falls on the floor and cries) BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! (Runs to the wall full of framed pictures, knocks them over) I am sorry I started this fan club in the first place! (Runs to his merchandise-filled room) I have to get rid of all this stuff! All of it! (Rips underwear from his pants) All of it! (Rips bandage off) All of it! BWAAAAAH! (Runs to the door) I'm gonna run away that's what I'll do. (Slams door, another countdown starts)
  • Announcer: And now it's time for the real lost episode of VeggieTales!
  • Potty: Patchy, come back! There is more!
  • Patchy: Really? (Slams door, quickly reversing what he done earlier, sits back in sofa) Hurrah! Let's watch!
  • ("Lost Episode" starts with a shot of the factory, car which looks like Reporter Petunia Rhubarb with tires attached pulls up, people are walking into the factory)
  • Gideon: Men, this is it. Get this done fast, relax and try to blend in. (Cut to interior) Morning!
  • Gideon's Army: Morning! (Goes into door, Gideon pops up) Morning! (Goes back in)
  • (Security camera comes)
  • Gideon: We are now wanted criminals.
  • (Gideon and his army walks up to a security guard)
  • Gideon: Hello, guard.
  • Guard: It's great and can we get a badge for you, tuba warrior? I should've known that, he looks just like you.
  • (Cut to doors that open up and they got past the security guard. Zoom into Gideon's nametag.)
  • Worker: GIDEON?!?? You like treesh, because I like you, and you like me. The nametag is cool.
  • (The nametag says - "Hello, my name is Gideon. And I am a tuba warrior".)
  • Worker: It's supposed to say "He's my son!" Do you look like treesh, cause I...
  • Roz: An empty Chinese food bucket?!?
  • Gideon's Army: We'll grab the door, have fun!
  • Gideon and Roz: Thank you!!!
  • Roz: Now, the theme for the day is Chinese food. Remember, there ain't no "I" in "team".
  • (Time goes by, cut back to Gideon with cups on his hat, and a sandwich horn)
  • Gideon: CHINESE!
  • Roz: Let me get this so I can be back.
  • Gideon: CHINESE!
  • Employee: I'd like some.
  • Gideon: I am sorry, I'd give you a bucket.
  • Employee: (sighs)
  • ("Lost Episode" ends with toilet flushing, zoom back out to the TV)
  • Patchy: Let's watch it again! Use the "Rewind" button!
  • (VCR spits tape out)
  • Patchy: No! I ruined the lost episode!!
  • Potty: BRAWK! Lost forever!
  • (Band who plays "God Bless the Universe" pops up out of sofa)
  • Patchy: Military band but...but...but...(cries) ...ton!!! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
  • Narrator: Oh, my. I can't believe they are having a tantrum about the lost episode. Now, get lost.

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