Nebby.K.Nezzer as Ebbanezzer Scrooge

Bob the Tomato as Bob Cratchit

Larry the Cucumber as Fred

Jimmy and Jerry as Adaptations

Fib as Jacob Marley

Gabe The Sqaush as Ghost of Christmas Past

Dad Carrot as FezziWigg

Petunia Rhubarb as Isabell

Grandma Nezzer as Ebbanezzer's Grandmother

Esther The Leek as Bell

Gus The Gourd as Ghost of Chirstmas Present

Mom Asparagus as Rachle Sally

Scooter Carrot as Curly

Dad Asparagus as Ben Phillip

Madame Blueberry as Emily Cratchit

Carrots Peas Gordon Annie Lenny Percy Lil Little Joe Rosie and Tom as The Children

Junior Asparagus as Tiny Tim

Pepe The Bell Pepper as Ghost of Christmas Future

The People of London(From The Star of Christmas and An Easter Carol) as Themselves

The Scallions as The Workers

Oscar the Polish Cateter as The Baker

Steven as The Child

Mr.Lunt as Bill

Laura Carrot as The Child

Archiebald Asparagus as London Men

Mabel the Pear as Milly Wilson

The French Pea as Santa's Eilfs

Dr.Glocken as The Professor

Barth Gordy and Renee as The Children

Jean Claude Pea as Barny

Phillip Pea as Jerry

Grandma Gourd as Aunt Wally

Papyaya Poppyseed as The Child

Frankencelery as Gill Wilson

Grandpa Gourd as Uncle Luis

Frankencelery's Son Freddie as The Child

Female Carrots as The Children

Charlie Pincher as The Mayor of London

Penolope Asparagus as Gill Nelson

Pepper Poppyseed as The Child

Jack the Pumpkin as Wall.B

Little Sister and Little Nate as The Children

Dirk Event as The Child

Gladis The Mushroom as Isabelle's Mother

Augus and Marcus Mushroom as The Children

Crazy Jopponian as Wally

Emily Evert as The Child

Wally.P.Nezzer as Young Ebbanezzer Scrooge

Nicki Pepper as The Child

Mom Carrot as Mary Nelson

Buzz Saw Louie as Little Bernt

The Banker as Mr.Jacob

Pea Girls as The Children

Ellen as Jenny

Apollo Gourd as Jim Miller

Miss Achmetha as Miss Penny

Goliath The Big Pickle as Big Jill

Sara Crew the Rhubarb as The Child

Larry's Great GrandFather as Gill Wilson

Aunt Ruth as Penny Miller

Carrot Girl as The Child

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