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The Adventures of LarryBoy by Kenny-boy

This is a LarryBoy/Dark Knight picture created by Kenny-boy on deviantART. I think another LarryBoy story would be awesome!

VeggieTales/Batman is a parody with VeggieTales clips & Batman audio. The obvious reason this article was made is because LarryBoy is definitely a parody of Batman. The cast also includes characters from VeggieTales books (such as The Mess Detectives, which takes place in Bumblyburg), 3-2-1 Penguins!Larryboy: The Cartoon Adventures (books included), and VeggieTales in the House.

Cast of Characters

Heroes & Allies

  • LarryBoy as Batman
  • Junior Jetpack as Robin (Dick Grayson)/Nightwing
  • Vogue as Batgirl
  • Thingamabob as Robin (Tim Drake)/Red Robin
  • Archibald Asparagus as Alfred Pennyworth
  • Lovey Asparagus as Harriet Cooper
  • Aunt Ruth as Leslie Thompkins
  • Fred the Computer as Bat-Mite
  • Rooney the Olive Dog as Ace the Bat-Hound
  • The Night Pony as Robin (Carrie Kelly)
  • Annie the Green Onion as Stephanie Brown
  • Pepper Poppyseed as Damian Wayne
  • Nicky the Pepper as Terry McGinnis
  • Madame Blueberry as Anthony Garcia
  • Mayor Fleming as Hamilton Hill
  • Esther Babylon as Rachel Dawes
  • Scooter Carrot as Commissioner James Gordon
  • Chief Croswell as Chief O'Hara
  • Officer Lettuce Wedge as Ethan Bennett
  • Officer Olaf as Alexander Knox
  • Sara the Rhubarb as Vicki Vale
  • Mr. Nezzer as Detective Harvey Bullock
  • Cassie Cassava as Renee Montoya
  • Dr. Glocken as Karl Rossum
  • Ma Mushroom as Veronica Vreeland
  • Pa Grape as Lucius Fox
  • The Mashed Marvel as Batwoman
  • Vicki Cucumber as Hawkfire
  • S-Cape as Superman
  • Benny the Dog as Krypto the Superdog
  • Sweet Potato as Supergirl
  • The Scarlet Tomato as the Green Lantern
  • The Dark Crow as the Green Arrow
  • Lemon Twist as Wonder Woman
  • Bubblegum as Plastic Man
  • JimmyBoy as Aquaman
  • Hot Tamale as the Flash
  • Bumkin as Jonah Hex
  • Bok Choy as the Martian Manhunter
  • Herbert and Wally as Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle
  • Electro-Melon as the Atom
  • Snoodle-Doo as Hawkman
  • Snoodlerella as Hawkgirl
  • Hope the Music Box Angel as Black Canary
  • American Pie as Captain Marvel
  • Iron Clad as Red Tornado
  • The Muskie Melon as the Question
  • Pruneman as Vigilante
  • Shem and Sadie as Hawk and Dove
  • Princess Eloise as Katana
  • Katrina as Black Bat
  • Prince Alexander as Batwing


  • Motato as the Joker
  • Aprilcot as Harley Quinn
  • The Alchemist as the Penguin
  • Bruce the Onion as Two-Face
  • The Rumor Weed as Poison Ivy
  • The Bad Apple as Catwoman
  • Finnegan J. Beet as Max Schreck
  • The Magic Mirror as the Riddler
  • Iceburg as Mr. Freeze
  • The Fib from Outer Space as Bane
  • Outback Jack and Jackie as the Ventriloquist and Scarface
  • Dr. Flurry as the Scarecrow
  • The Milk Money Bandit as Hush
  • Greta Von Gruesome as the Phantasm
  • The Emperor of Envy as the Mad Hatter
  • Frank and Jessie as Tweedledee and Tweedledum
  • Ruckus as the Red Hood
  • Awful Alvin the Onion as Sin Tzu
  • The Squashinator as Sal Maroni
  • Plum Loco as Hugo Strange
  • Charlie Pincher as Victor Zsasz
  • Robert the Terrible as Ra's al Ghul
  • Other pirates as the League of Shadows
  • Mirabelle as Talia al Ghul
  • Yambot as Deadshot
  • The Takeosaurus as Killer Croc
  • Beau Rockley as Rick Flag
  • Einger Warblethroat as Captain Boomerang
  • Jenna Chive as Enchantress
  • Frankencelery as El Diablo
  • Apollo Gourd as Slipknot
  • Papaya Poppyseed as Baby Doll
  • Chili Pepper as Calendar Man
  • Goliath the Giant Pickle as Solomon Grundy
  • Hugo the Prideosaurus as the Creeper
  • Dr. Bubba Gumm as Mayor Quincy Sharp
  • LarryBoy's Super-Ego as Man-Bat
  • The Crazy Clay Monster as Clayface
  • Spud the Dud as Cluemaster
  • Spudsy Malone and Chip as Carmine Falcone and Joe Chill
  • Jean-Claude Pea as John Daggett
  • Phillippe Pea as Phillip Stryver
  • Baron von Cavitus as Professor Pyg
  • Uncle Blobb as Mr. Toad
  • The Lizard King as Anarky
  • Sara Rhubarb as Enigma
  • Mabel & Penelope as Sugar & Spice
  • Motato's Radish Minions as the Jokerz
  • Libby Asparagus as Catgirl
  • Colonel Corncob as The Clock King
  • Gustav as William Earle
  • The Grim Tickler as Dracula
  • Mother Pearl as Amanda Waller


  • Bumblyburg as Gotham City
  • The Daily Bumble as the Gotham Globe
  • The Larry-Signal as the Bat-Signal
  • The Larry Manor as the Wayne Manor
  • The LarryCave as the Batcave
  • The Larry-Suit as the Batsuit
  • The LarryMobile as the Batmobile
  • The Larry-Copter as the Batcopter
  • The BobCycle as Robin's Motorbike
  • Bumblyburg Police Station as Arkham Asylum


  • LarryBoy (60's Batman)
  • LarryBoy: The Animated Series
  • The Adventures Of LarryBoy and Bobbin
  • The New LarryBoy Adventures
  • The New LarryBoy/S-Cape Adventures
  • LarryBoy Beyond
  • The LarryBoy (2004's The Batman)
  • LarryBoy: The Kind and the True (Batman: The Brave and the Bold)
  • Look Out for LarryBoy (Beware the Batman)

Other shows

  • Fruits of Prey (Birds of Prey)
  • Bumblyburg High (Gotham High) (never got created)
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables Unlimited
  • Ripe Incredibility/Ripe Incredibility: Invasion (Young Justice/Young Justice: Invasion)
  • Bumblyburg (Gotham)
  • Incredible Vegetable Action (Justice League Action)



  • LarryBoy (serial)
  • LarryBoy and Junior Jetpack (serial)
  • LarryBoy: The Movie (60's Batman film)
  • LarryBoy (Batman '89)
  • LarryBoy Returns
  • LarryBoy Forever
  • LarryBoy & Junior Jetpack
  • LarryBoy's Legend (Batman Begins)
  • The Green Machine
  • The Green Machine Rises
  • The LarryBoy (2018)


  • LarryBoy: Stem of the Gruesome (Mask of the Phantasm)
  • LarryBoy & Iceburg: SubZero
  • LarryBoy Beyond: Return of Motato
  • LarryBoy: Mystery of the Mashed Marvel
  • LarryBoy vs. The Grim Tickler
  • The LarryBoy/S-Cape Movie
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables: The New Frontier
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg Knight
  • S-Cape/LarryBoy: Public Enemies
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables: Crisis on Two Earths
  • LarryBoy: Beneath the Peel (Under the Red Hood)
  • S-Cape/LarryBoy: Apocalypse
  • LarryBoy: Year One
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables: Doom
  • LarryBoy: The Green Machine Returns (Parts 1 & 2)
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables: The Flashpoint Paradox
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables: War
  • Son of LarryBoy
  • LarryBoy: Assault on Bumblyburg
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables: Throne of Atlantis
  • LarryBoy vs. Pepper
  • LarryBoy Unlimited: Animal Instincts
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables: Gods and Monsters
  • LarryBoy: The Rotting Joke (The Killing Joke)
  • LarryBoy: Return of the Veggie-lantes (Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders)
  • Veggie League Dark
  • The LEGO LarryBoy Movie

Other movies

  • The Bad Apple (film)
  • LarryBoy v S-Cape: Dawn of Incredibility
  • Salad Squad (Suicide Squad)
  • The League of Incredible Vegetables (Justice League)


  • LarryBoy Triumphant
  • LarryBoy: Veg-O-Mite (Batman: DarKnight) (the spelling was intentional)
  • LarryBoy: Year One

Video games

  • LarryBoy (1986)
  • LarryBoy: The Cucumber of Steel (The Caped Crusader)
  • LarryBoy (Nov. 1989)
  • LarryBoy (Dec. 1989)
  • LarryBoy (July 1990)
  • LarryBoy (Oct. 1990)
  • LarryBoy (arcade game)
  • LarryBoy: Return of Motato
  • LarryBoy Returns
  • LarryBoy: The Animated Series (video game)
  • The Adventures of LarryBoy and Bobbin
  • LarryBoy Forever
  • LarryBoy Forever: The Arcade Game
  • LarryBoy & Bobbin
  • LarryBoy Beyond: Return of Motato
  • LarryBoy: Chaos in Bumblyburg
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg Racer
  • LarryBoy Vengeance
  • LarryBoy: Dark Tomorrow
  • LarryBoy: Justice Unbalanced
  • LarryBoy: Toxic Chill
  • LarryBoy: Rise of the Magic Mirror
  • LarryBoy's Legend
  • LEGO LarryBoy: The Video Game
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg Police Station (Arkham Asylum)
  • LarryBoy: The Kind and the True -- The Videogame
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg City (Arkham City)
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg City Lockdown (Arkham City Lockdown)
  • LEGO LarryBoy 2: Big Idea Super Heroes
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg Origins (Arkham Origins)
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg Origins Blackgate
  • LarryBoy
  • LEGO LarryBoy 3: Beyond Bumblyburg
  • LarryBoy: Bumblyburg Knight
  • LarryBoy: The Telltale Series
  • LarryBoy: Return to Bumblyburg (Return to Arkham)


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