Scooter as Finn

Larry as Mater

Bob as Lightning

Petunia as Holley

Madame Blueberry as Sally

Mr.Lunt as Professer Z

Archibald as Miles Axlerod

Juniors Mom as The Queen

Junior as Prince Wheeliam

Jimmy as Franchesco

Lenny as Grem

Percy as Acer

Scallion#2 as Tyler Gremlin

L'il Pea as Fred Pacer

Dad Carrott as J. Curby Gremlin

Dad Pea as Tubbs Pacer

Gordy as Petrov Trunkov

Jerry as Vladimir Trunkov

Tom as Alexander Hugo

Pa Grape as Victor Hugo

Gourdon as Sherriff

Grandma Gourd as Flo

Grandpa Gourd as Ramone

Angus Mushroom as Filmore

Larzus Mushroom as Sarge

Peas, Carrotts,and Unnamed characters as Lemons

The Pea Ladies as Okuni Shegko and Tamiko

Kahlial as Kingpin Nobunga

Appolo Gourd as Pinion Tanaka

Sara crewe as Kimura Kiazo

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