Larry the Cucumber as Inspector Gadget

The Bad Apple as G2

Dr. Flurry as Claw Annie Onion as Penny

Benny the Dog as Brain the Dog

Bob the Tomato as Chief Quimby

Mr.Lunt as Mayor Wilson

Baby Lou as Baxter Pea Girl 3 as Mrs. Quimby (cameo)

Little Nate as Brick Petunia Rhubarb as McKibble

Wall P Nezzer as Squint

Lenny Carrot as Jungle Bob Curly the Worm as The Ninja

Scallion 2 as Mr. Morgan

Goliath as Famous Big Guy with Silver Teeth

Fib Famous Villain with Deadly Hat

Libby Asparsgus as Famous Identifier of Sea Planes

Ellen as Brenda / Robobrenda

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