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  • Junior Asparagus as Jimmy Neutron
  • Dad Asparagus as Hugh Neutron
  • Mom Asparagus as Judy Neutron
  • Bob The Tomato as Carl Wheezer
  • Larry The Cucumber as Sheen Estevez
  • Laura Carrot as Cindy Vortex
  • Esther The Leek as Libby Folfax
  • Zidgel (from BigIdea's Other Show, 3-2-1 Penguins) as Nick Dean
  • The citizens of BumblyBurg (From the Larry-Boy Episodes) as the people of Retroville
  • Madame Blueberry as Mrs. Fowl
  • Annie`s Dad as Principal
  • The Fib From Outer Space As King Goobot
  • Awful Alvin (From Larry-Boy: The Cartoon Adventures) as Professor Calamitous
  • Larry-Boy As UltraLord
  • The Bad Apple As Beutiful Georgous
  • Mr. Nezzer as Sam Melnick
  • The Ventrolimatic and Rusty (From: The Wonderful World Of Auto-Tainment) as The Nanobots
  • Closet Monsters as The Space Bandits (there are three of them)
  • Annie The Leek (Green Onion) as Brittany
  • Papaya Poppyseed as Amber
  • Gourdon as Butch
  • Buzzsaw Louie as Brobot
  • Uncle Blobb (3-2-1 Penguins) as The Junkman
  • Lenny Carrot As Eustace Stritch
  • Phil Winklestien (The REAL Frankencelery) as Jet Fusion
  • Petunia Rhubarb as Betty Quinlan
  • Runnaway Rocket-Asparagus
  • When Hats Attack (Because Veggies do not really wear pants)
  • Normal Asparagus
  • Birth Of A Sales Veggie
  • Buzz-Saw Loui
  • The Big Pinch
  • Granny Baby
  • Time Is Money
  • Raise The Oozy Scab
  • I Dream Of Junior
  • Junior On Ice
  • Battle Of The Band
  • See Junior Run
  • Trading Faces
  • The Phantom Of Bumblyland
  • My Son, The Hamster
  • Hall Monster
  • Substitute Creature
  • Safety First
  • Crime Lunt Investigation
  • Journey To The Center Of Percy Pea
  • Party At Asparagus s
  • Ultra-Lunt
  • Broadcast Blues
  • Awful Alvin, I Presume
  • Maximum Dad
  • Sleepless In Bumblyburg
  • Make Room For Daddy-O
  • A Beutiful Mine
  • Sorry, Wrong Era
  • Beach Party Mummy
  • Bumblyburg9
  • Grumpy Young Men
  • Nightmare In Bumblyburg
  • Monster Hunt
  • Junior for President
  • Return Of The Ventrilomatic And Rusty
  • Holly, Jolly, Junior Asparagus
  • Love Potion 967-J
  • Larry's Brain
  • Maternotron Knows Best
  • Send In The Clones
  • The Great Egg Heist
  • The Feud
  • Out, Darn Spotlight
  • Uncle Blobb Cometh
  • Foul Bull
  • The Science Fair Affiar
  • Veggies At Work
  • The Mighty Peas
  • Billion Dollar Carrot
  • The Tommorow Veggies
  • Fundemonium
  • Lights, Camera, DANGER!
  • Who's Your Mommy?
  • Clash Of The Cousins
  • Stranded
  • Junior Asparagus Goes To College
  • Couching Junior Asparagus, Hidden Lunt
  • The Incredible Shrinking Town
  • The T-Veggies
  • One Of Us
  • Vanishing Act
  • Trouble With Clones
  • Bob the Tomato: Tomato Genius
  • The Evil Beneath
  • Who Framed Junior the Asparagus?
  • Flippy
  • King Of Mars
  • El-Maggnifico!
  • Best In Show
  • My Big, Fat, Spy Wedding
  • How To Sink A Sub

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