VeggieTales/Lucky Luke (or Clever Cuke) is a parody of Lucky Luke with VeggieTales characters.


  • Larry the Cucumber as Lucky Luke (Larry been a cowboy--and the main hero--in a few episodes)
  • Zippy the Bison as Jolly Jumper (Zippy was Larry's trusty 'steed' in Moe and the Big Exit)
  • Benny the Dog as Rintindumb (Both are funny dogs)
  • Petunia Rhubarb as Calamity Jane
  • Rapscallion #3 as Joe Dalton (Both are the shortest of their group)
  • Rapscallion #2 as William Dalton (Both are the second shortest in their group)
  • Rapscallion #1 as Jack Dalton (He's the second tallest if you include Phil Winklestein)
  • Phil Winklestein as Averell Dalton (He's the tallest if you compare him to the Rapscallions)
  • Miss Achmetha as Ma Dalton
  • Don Gourdon as Billy the Kid
  • Charlie Pincher as Jesse James

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