VeggieTales/Robots is a parody animated movie with 'VeggieTales' clips and 'Robots' audio.

Cast of Characters

  • Bob as Rodney Copperbottom
  • Laura as Cappy
  • Phillp as Phineas T. Ratchet
  • Frankencelery as Bigweld
  • Junior as Fender Pinwheeler
  • Madame Blueberry as Piper Pinwheeler
  • Scooter as Wonderbot
  • Dad Asparagus as Herb Copperbottom
  • Ma Grape as Aunt Fanny
  • Libby Asparagus as Tim
  • Jerry Gourd as Crank Casey
  • Jimmy Gourd as Lug
  • Tom as Diesel
  • Mr. Nezzer as Madame Gasket
  • Mom Asparagus as Lydia Copperbottom
  • Dr.Flurry as Mr. Gunk
  • Esther as Loretta Geargrinder

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