• LarryBoy as Spider-Man
  • Chug Norrius as Uncle Ben
  • Grandma Gourd as Aunt May
  • Jimmy Gourd as Harry Osborn
  • Esther as Gwen Stacy
  • Vicki the Cucumber as Mary-Jane Watson
  • Ichabeezer as Mr. Jameson
  • Scooter Carrot as Captain Stacy
  • Archibald Asparagus as Nick Fury
  • Pa Grape as Phil Coulson
  • Thingamabob as Power Man
  • S-Cape as Nova
  • Ricochet as Iron Fist
  • Vogue as White Tiger
  • Awful Alvin as the Green Goblin
  • Motato as the Hobgoblin
  • Dr. Flurry as Dr. Octopus
  • The Bad Apple as Black Cat
  • Apollo Gourd as the Kingpin
  • Goliath as Sandman
  • The Fib as Hydro
  • Ruckus as Electro
  • Hugo the Prideosaurus as the Lizard
  • Dr. Flurry as the Vulture
  • The Alchemist as Mysterio
  • Gustav as Kraven the Hunter
  • Frankencelery as Venom
  • The Grim Tickler as Carnage

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