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  • LarryBoy as Captain America (he's the first VeggieTales superhero)
  • Thingamabob as Iron Man (they both have lots of gadgets)
  • S-Cape as Thor
  • Ricochet as Hulk
  • Vogue as Black Widow
  • Jean Claude as Himself
  • Laura as Winter Laura
  • The Supper Hero (from The League of Incredible Vegetables) as Hawkeye
  • Philipe as Himself
  • Buzz-Saw Louie as the Black Panther
  • Archibald as Nick Fury
  • Madame Blueberry as Mrs. Banana
  • Scooter as Agent Coulson
  • Dr. Flurry as Loki
  • The Fib as the Leader
  • Annie as Winter Annie
  • Carrot Widow with Purple Dress as Herself
  • Emily Evert as Herself
  • Carrot Girl With Brown Hair as Herself
  • Paprika with Pink and White Dress as Herself
  • Dirk With Yellow Hair as Himself
  • Papaya as Herself
  • Carrot Widow with Red Dress
  • Pea Lady as Herself
  • Harol with Red Shirt as Himself
  • Police Carrot as Himself
  • Leo with Construction Worker as Himself
  • Orphan Girl with Peach Hair as Herself
  • Soozie with Blue Pants as Herself
  • Customer Men with Blue Pants as Himself
  • The French Peas as Themselves
  • Potato Guys with Blue Pants as Himself
  • Ma Grape as Herself
  • Pete as Himself
  • Joe as Himself
  • Mrs. Clark as Herself

More ideas?

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