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  • Larry as Homer
  • Petunia as Marge
  • Junior as Bart
  • Libby as Lisa
  • Baby Lou as Maggie
  • Benny the Dog as Santa's Little Helper
  • George as Abe
  • Jimmy and Jerry as Lenny and Carl
  • Pa Grape as Moe
  • Archibald as Ned Flanders
  • Mr. Lunt as Barney
  • Mr. Nezzer as Mr. Burns
  • Norman The Peach as Smithers
  • Charlie Pincher as Krusty
  • Bob as Skinner
  • Snoodle-Doo as Itchy
  • Buzz-Saw Louie as Scratchy
  • Percy as Milhouse
  • Don Gourdon as Nelson
  • Mabel and Penelope as Selma and Patty
  • Khalil as Apu
  • Gabe as Wiggum
  • Scooter as Willy
  • Little Joe as Ralph
  • A penguin as Bumblebee Man

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