Larry = Woody

Bob= Buzz

Scooter = Mr. Potato Head

Madame Blueberry = Mrs. Potato Head

Pa = Slinky

Petunia= Bo Peep



American Peas=Toddle Tots

Baby Pea=Monkey

Gordon = Sid

Archibald = Hamm

Junior = Rex

Ben from (Ben 10) = Andy

Libby = Molly

Mr.Nezzer = Zurg

Dr.Flury =Stinky Peet

Benny = Bullseye

Mr. Lunt = Etch

The Peach= Wheezie

Ichabeezer = Buttercup

French peas = Peas in a pod

Dad Asparagus=Ken

Mom Asparagus=Barbie

Fib as Lotso


Annie's mom=Bonnie's Mom

Mom Carrot= Andy's Mom

Renee Blueberry= Sid's Sister

Bear trapped teddy(Yodeling vet)= Sid's Dog

Lovey= Trixy


Charlie Pincher=Chuckles

Jimmy =Strech

Bad Apple= Baby Spider

Robert the Terrible= The Bug Man

Vicky= Doll Leg Fishing Poll

Goliath=Big Baby

Ellen= Preschool Manager

Carrots Peas Percy Li'l Pea Lenny Baby Lou=Preschoolers

Penelope=Prescholers Teacher

Barth = Bookworm

Kahlial = Buster

Jerry = Mr.Prickle Pants

Oscar = The Telephone

Tick Tock (from Peter Pan) = Skud

Pikachu (from Pokemon) = Buster

Care Bears characters = Other Toys

Disney Villains = Zurg's Robots

Nickelodeon Characters = Mutant Toys