• (VeggieTales logo shows up)
  • Narrator: From the studios at Big Idea...
  • Moe: Hi Ho Sliver Away!
  • Narrator: All the great heroes...
  • Dave: I will fight Goliath!
  • Narrator: All the funny stories...
  • King Xerxes: What am I gonna do with all those dogs?
  • Narrator: All in one fantastic collection...
  • Little Joe: Crazy, huh?
  • Narrator: "The Complete Heroes of the Bible Collection!" 3 bestselling VeggieTale DVDs comprising up of three Biblical heroes. Plus a special Bible CD.
  • Rack: Our parents told us to stand up for what we believe in.
  • Benny: And God told us to do what's right.
  • Narrator: Four DVDs with hours of Biblical fun your whole family will love. The Complete Heroes of the Bible Collection! - available this holiday season! Also, get the 3 DVDs in a box set for $29.98 or less. Or individually for $9.98 or less. (Big Idea logo shows up) Like I said, this Bible-heroes 4-disc set will be available this Christmas! You can also get the Bible Heroes triple feature with a Josh toy inside.

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