Bob as Mario

Larry as Luigi

Madame Blueberry as Peach

Petunia as Daisy

Tom as Toad

Jimmy as Wario

Archibald as Waluigi

Mr. Nezzer as Bowser

Mr.Lunt as Bowser Junior

Jerry as Yoshi

Percy and Little Pea as Bob-oms

Jean Claude and Phillepe as Goombas

New character Bob Jr. as Baby Mario

Barth as Baby Luigi

Renee Blueberry as Baby Peach

Annie as Baby Daisy

Gordy as Baby Wario

Junior as Baby Waluigi

Pa Grape as Toadsworth

Ma Grape as Toadette

Gourdun as Pirahna Plant

Betty as Petey Pirhana

Lenny as Koopa Troopa

Ellen as Mona

Lovey as Rosilina

Female Peas as Lumas

Libby as Baby Rosilina

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