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The Spies Ride Among Us!

The Spies Ride Among Us! logo

  • Junior as Kid Biker
  • Archibald as Spy Dad
  • Potato Guards as Guards of The Seed Place
  • Wicker as Runner of The Seed Place
  • Scooter as Officer Scooter
  • Bob as Fire Fighter
  • Zuchini brothers as Fire Fighters (Cameo)
  • Mr.Nezzer as Fire Fighter cheif
  • Lovey as Spy Cheif
  • Libby as Teenager (Cameo)
  • Madame Blueberry as Mayor Blueberry
  • Larry as Larry Boy
  • Oscar as Other Spy(Cameo)
  • Petunia as Donna Green
  • Art , Barney and Emma as Donna Greens Kids(Cameos)
  • Dr.Flurry as Prisoner
  • Wickers Potato helper as Vacationer(Cameo)
  • Dr.Glocken as Mayor's Husband
  • Grandma Gourd and Grandpa Gourd as Bumblyburg Citezens(Cameos)
  • Sara Crewe and Eloise as Princess's
  • Alexander as Himself(Cameo)
  • The King as Himself
  • Grape Family as FBI Agents(Rosie Cameo exept for screaming)
  • Renee as Herself(Cameo)
  • Barth as Himself(Cameo)
  • Gordy as Himself (Cameo)
  • S-Cape (AKA Mr.Lunt) as Himself(Minor Cameo)
  • Jimmy Gourd as Police Officer(Cameo)
  • Mabel as Police Women(Cameo)

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