This should have included on the A Chipmunk Christmas DVD.


  • (silent for three seconds)
  • Larry/Lunt: Ohhhhhhh! Ugh!
  • Bob: Eengh?
  • Mr. Lunt: What am I looking at? I don't even know what I'm looking at!
  • Bob: Hgnaa-!
  • Mr. Lunt: I don't wanna see that again. Aaaahhhh!
  • Khalil: Let's freeze-frame this one!
  • Mr. Lunt: Cuz this is not going very well.
  • Larry: How do eyes...
  • Larry/Lunt: Whoa! Oh!
  • Larry: Hey, what happened to the boat?
  • Khalil: I can't even...
  • Bob: I'm depressed.
  • Mr. Lunt: This is like, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest or something.
  • Bob: Just look at what has happened to us... What have we become?!
  • Mr. Lunt: Holy mackerel. Was she animated by some Ren and Stimpy animator or something? What's that all about?!
  • Bob: Well, that's it.
  • Mr. Lunt: Maybe they won't notice!
  • Khalil: Oh, this is gonna be a good one.
  • Mr. Lunt: That's okay, as long as we get our crispy creams at the end of the shoot, we're happy as clams.
  • (silent for another three seconds)
  • Mr. Lunt: Man, that's some kind of funky disco.
  • Larry: I remember this.......
  • Mr. Lunt: Ooh, ah!
  • Larry: I remember that.
  • Archibald: What's going on?
  • Pa Grape: I'll tell you what's going on! We're all gonna be fish food if I don't get some help!
  • Larry: If Olaf finds out, you'll be in big trouble!

Fun Facts


Voice Goofs

  • Although Khalil's voice was used, his voice was first used as Lenny in Toy Story.

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