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Version 1

Larry the Cucumber as Robin Hood

Petunia as Maid Marian

Bob the Tomato as Little John

Lenny as Alan-A-Dale

Fib as Prince John

The Rapscallion 3 as Sir Hiss

Mr. Lunt as The Sheriff of Nottingham

Junior's Mom as Mrs. Rabbit

Junior Asparagus as Skippy

Percy as Toby

Laura as Sis

Annie as Tagalong

Madame Blueberry as Lady Cluck

Grandpa George as Friar Tuck

Scooter as Otto

Percy's Dad as Toby's Dad

Junior's Dad as King Richard

Angry Guards (from Rack, Shack and Benny) as The Wolf Hunters, Rhino Guards, Elephant Guards and Hippo Guards

The Rapscallion 1 as Trigger

The Rapscallion 2 as Nusty

Goliath as The Crococaptain

Pa Grape as Father Mouse

Ma Grape as Mother Mouse

The People of Second (From Duke and the Great Pie War Robin Good, Asparagus of LaMancha and Blungers in Boo Boo Vill) as The People of Nottingham

Carrots and Peas as The Children of Nottingham

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