Junior as Charlie

Larry as Willy Wonka

Pa Grape as Grandpa Joe

Ma Grape as Grandma Josephine

Grandpa Gourd as Grandpa George

Grandma Gourd as Grandma Georgina

Mom Asparagus as Mrs.Bucket

Dad Asparagus as Mr.Bucket

Steven as Agustus

Betty as Mrs.Gloop

Oscar as Mr.Gloop

Laura as Veruca

Mom Carrott as Mrs.Salt

Dad Carrott as Mr.Salt

Renee as Viloet

Madame Blueberry as Mrs.Beraguarde

Bob as Mr.Beragarde

Gourdon as Mike

Apolo Gourd as Mr.Teavee

Penelopee as Mrs.Teavee

Robot Kids as Oompa Loompas

Archibald as Willy Wonkas Dad

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