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Verba latina - A wiki of latin words


The idea here is to have a collection of latin vocabulary words and their definitions organized according to subjects, sort of like a loosely organized thesaurus.

For instance, subjects could include Home, People, Sea and so forth. Under Home would be the words for home, roof, door, window, et cetera; under Sea could be boat, water, sails, wind, and so on. There's no reason it should be in strict thesaurus fashion. Simply putting together words that are often found together should be helpful to beginner and intermediate students of latin. In fact, it would probably be better if the subjects or categories were named more broadly at first: Family, friends, & neighbors or Sailing & the sea for instance.

The good thing about a wiki is that there is no need to stress about settling on the "perfect" categories at the start. The whole point is to get something on screen, and then for the community to work it into shape.

What it is not

The wiki would not be a place for grammar, per se. Grammatical points concerning usage certainly have a place in the definition of some words; but conjugations of various tenses and moods belong elsewhere (at least for the time being). Of course, the character of the wiki can evolve.


Beginner and intermediate students of latin may find benefit in having words organized by subject. Too often in textbooks vocabulary is introduced in a scattered fashion, as the main considerations often have to do with what declension or conjugation the vocabulary is a part of, or that various words are introduced so that a chapter reading can be composed.

Have words together under a subject will allow students to build an image in their minds, thereby associating like words. It would be another tool to build and reinforce one's vocabulary.


The wiki is open to the community of latin students and scholars.

Getting started

As one way of getting started, here is the following suggestion. Let's begin by collecting and organizing vocabulary likely to be found in a first semester latin course. There's no hard and fast rule, but any words given in say the first 15 chapters of Latin Via Ovid or the first eight of Latin: An Intensive Course -- or any other standard text -- would be the place to start.

For notes on editing and formatting, see the tutorial on the help pages. This wiki uses the same basic engine as Wikipedia with similar editing and formatting rules.

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