Verne Shepard is the love interest of Chloe Marrow and the younger brother of Mario Shepard appearing in the Stereotypes episode: Nerd or Noob? Do or Die!. He has dusty brown hair and brown eyes. In Stereotypes, his outfit is composed of: a red long sleeved shirt, blue jeans with a white diaper inside and brown shoes. In College, his outfit is composed of: a blue shirt with red long sleeves, black jeans with a white diaper inside and white shoes. He is voiced by Vincent Martella (the man behind Phineas Flynn from Phineas and Ferb and Bradley Nicholson from Milo Murphy's Law). At his age in Stereotypes, he is 13-years-old, while in College he is 16-years-old.


  • Darla and Ramon Shepard (Parents)
  • Mario Shepard (Older Brother)
  • Chloe Marrow (Love Interest)


  1. Feeling good to Chloe
  2. Admiring his days
  3. Being perfect.


  1.  Losing his focus
  2.  Being useless
  3.  Getting caught in a flash

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