Who am I?

I am a Chicana (Mexican-American) who was born in San Francisco, but raised in Oakland and have been living there since 1983. I am a proud Oakland native, who plans to incorporate what I have learned at SFSU and give back to my community. One way I plan to do so is through helping the youth stay focused in school, so they can make their dreams become reality. You see I went from being a bad student who never went to school, to a focused individual who graduated high school and arrived at SFSU the following semester. I understand the tribulations our youth goes through. Therefore, I want to use the skills I have gained in the BECA department and in BECA 670 to create empowering messages for social change.

College Students in Broadcasting

I remember when I began taking classes in the BECA department and felt like I did not know anyone. I used to go to class and go on about my business elsewhere, so I know I used to miss out on events and opportunities to meet other BECA students. Therefore, It wasn’t until I heard about College Students in Broadcasting, that I started getting involved with school activities. And I am so glad that I decided to be part of CSB. My involvement with CSB began when I became a member in Spring 2006. I used to come to the weekly meetings/workshops and became more interested in being an officer when Orville, the President of CSB at the time, announced that CSB was looking for officers. I became interested and started shadowing the officers. I have to say that I got lucky because many of the officers were graduating the same semester I joined, so I had the chance to choose my position for Fall 2006. I chose to become the Treasurer/Secretary and have kept my position as the Treasurer since then. Becoming part of CSB has been a great advantage toward my career because I have gained more knowledge in terms of industry news, educational resources, and internship opportunities. Most importantly, I have developed my networking skills and have met a lot of great folks in the BECA department. Not to mention, being part of CSB looks great on my resume and has benefited me during interviews. Whether you are emphasizing in: video, audio, theory, journalism, or business, you should definitely check out one of our meetings and discover what you could benefit from being part of CSB.


As a Radio and Television major, I have to say that it’s extremely important to facilitate communication with the faculty available in our department. It’s important to get to know the Faculty because they are a great resource. Not only for teaching you the valuable skills needed to succeed, but also to help you get in the door with a particular project, internship, or job! For the most part, the Faculty in our department are great advisors because they will keep it real, in terms of the industry we are trying to pursue. Not only will they give you useful advice, some instructors will take you under their wing and provide resources that others don’t have easy access too. Or you may be the first to stay informed about internship opportunities. For example, Hunyul Lee (a professor at SFSU) still emails his students with updated information on great internship opportunities; if he knows you he could write a great recommendation letter. Therefore, taking advantage of the Faculty’s advising hours is essential. So make sure to see advisors every semester!

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