Attempting to recall all the features etc for the version history, this isn't going to be an easy page to do, so please feel free to help out, thanks -Erk

Version 1:

-Basic server/client connectivity -Using the konfuze engine -Quite a few "basic" features, HP, MP, Attacking etc. -A few maps are created during this time period, the beginning of the Zypherian world is made.

Version 2: -First site is put up, "" (Left up for historical reference) Designed by XellossV

-First forums are put up in this version, they were very basic and simple, very few commands, I don't even think they supported Images. (Can't recall).

-More maps are added. A custom menu gui is created for this version, it was a dark red, with warrior on the side, picture of v2 main menu:

Picture of v2 login screen (this was also custom, and was done by my girlfriends uncle:

- Maps start looking more detailed.

Version 3:

Custom GUI added (done by Rosemary) Was a light browh color, and it also followed the same layout as the version two main menu did.

-Forums are upgraded, much better than the older ones, I belive this is when we went to the old forums

(To be continued)


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