Nosaurian NEGAS

A Vestian

The Vestians are an alien race that was native to the planet Ves. The average Vestian was a blue-skinned reptiloid which stood nearly one and a half meters tall, with long arms and short legs. Their skulls were crowned with a ring of bony horns, and their pointed snouts were ridged with scales. These horns were an indication of an individual's demeanor, as old or quarrelsome individuals will have many broken horns. As a species, Vestians could only see visible light on varying degrees of black and white. They characterized most colors by their particular shade of gray. The inside of a Vestian's mouth could be lit with a phosphorescent glow at will, a trait which even the Vestians could not describe in terms of an evolutionary need. However, it provided them with a way to communicate across distances at night, without giving away their position by making noise. Individuals had exceptionally fast reflexes, a trait which allowed Vestians to excel as pilots or athletes. Vestians were also noted for a specific quirk: they always bayed at the setting sun. This response seemed to be almost involuntary, and resulted in seemingly strange behavior among those Vestians who traveled offworld.

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