Vicky Gets The Batman/Superman Movie/Gets Grounded

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Full TV Show:

Vicky: Hey, Soo!

Soo: What Is It, Vicky?

Vicky: Can I Get The Batman/Superman Movie On VHS?

Soo: No!

Vicky: Your Grounded For 16 Years, Soo.

Soo: GO UP TO YOUR ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vicky: This Is The Time I Get The VHS At The Store.

{Vicky Walks}

Man: Here You Go.

Richard: The Movie Will Start In 6 Minutes. We're Going To Watch "The Batman/Superman Movie". It's Time For A Snack. Please Anc I Get Hamburgers. And Now, It's Time For The Show! Have A Nice Day!!!!!

{They Watch The TV.}

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