Vicky Nakagawa is Nikki Yanagisawa's older sister appearing in Play Misty For Tori. She has brown hair and black eyes. She wears a white shirt with short sleeves with a blue necktie, blue skirt, tan pantyhose and brown shoes. In her wedding with Yami Yugi, her wedding outfit consists of: a white sleeveless wedding gown, wedding veil, white gloves and white high heels. When at home, her House clothes consist of: a red sleeveless shirt, pink skirt, black pantyhose and black Mary Jane shoes. In her romantic date with Yami Yugi, her prom outfit consists of:.


  • Mr. Terada (Father)
  • Nikki Yanagisawa (Younger Sister)


  • Hanging out with Yugi Moto (in his Yami form)
  • Doing business.
  • Her perfect acts.


  • Her friends' blabbering.
  • Her fear of spiders.
  • Her nightmares.

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