Victor and Hugo, Bunglers in Crime is an animated series made by Cosgrove Hall for Thames Television and screened on CITV from 6 September 1991 to 29 December 1992 and is a spin off from Count Duckula.

The series centres on the exploits of two bumbling French criminals - the eponymous brothers of the title. Despite referencing the French author Victor Hugo in their names, neither brother is particularly intelligent.

The plot of each episode deals with Victor and Hugo and their English-based business "Naughtiness International" being hired by crime figures to steal something. Victor comes up with a "meticulous plan" to achieve this goal, which is routinely botched by Hugo. The episodes traditionally end with the brothers imprisoned.

They are one of Granitoons' favourite cartoons, others being The Flintstones, Top Cat and Avenger Penguins.



  • They are the bunglers in crime, the baddies
  • Victor and Hugo!
  • Gonna succeed this time, the baddies
  • Victor and Hugo
  • Victor: We always arrange a meticulous plan,
  • To make sure nothing goes wrong!
  • (Victor and Hugo enter their van as Interpol squawks)
  • Victor: (cackles) You know, Hugo, it will be alright this time. Nothing can go wrong!
  • Hugo: Yes, Victor, I know!
  • (The van sets off, only to be blocked by a group of police cars. The safe they blew up earlier lands on them)
  • The baddies
  • Victor and Hugo, bunglers in crime!
  • Hugo: Hugo and Victor! That's what I think anyway.


More to come...

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