Welcome to the Victoria De Vere wiki pages.

This site was set up for W8 residents and any other associated interested parties to pose questions, comments and announcements about the ongoing W8 Hotel Development. As a wiki page any visitors are able to edit the content thus all visitors control what is read by all.

This is not a private site thus any visitor who finds there way here will view what is written. Yet we are part of the overall "Wikia" site but placed in an area known as =="Scratchpad"== where sites with smaller interested communities are invited to locate.

Why enact these pages at all?

On De Vere Gardens alone there are upwards of 200 individual flats/families, add all the surrounding impacted roads who will or are being impacted by the ongoing pre-construction activities that make up the conversion of the former Kensington Park and Palace hotels into residential properties then much communication could and should be occurring to keep all residents informed.

Yet what is the best way to keep anyone informed equally?

Written newsletters are one option so are emailing lists. The former involves much work and physical resources the latter breaks down when there are many questions and comments by recipients. Here on a wiki page all are invited and encouraged to participate thus over the next weeks, months and years hopefully this site will be the place where any resident or other contributors such as the developer representatives can turn to find out what is happening and what questions and concerns are being voiced by residents.

These pages are intended to not only inform any visitor but to also allow questions to be posted, rumours to be addressed and news of upcoming works to be announced. This is intended to be an open forum for residents impacted by the development project.

What do we know as of 21 July 2008

Candy & Candy announced in March 2008 that they had sold the former hotel properties now with planning authorisations to Lancer Asset Management who are the investment vehicle of the Abu Dhabi Royal Family. Lancer Asset Management in UK are represented by GVA Saxon Law.

For some time after the sales transaction it 'appeared' that no activity was occurring by the new 'owners'. Instead contracts were being awarded for works now ongoing.

Residents may have noticed that there have been internal works going on within the properties. Initially furniture, TVs and soft furnishings were removed. More physical aspects of the building interior are now being demolished including bathroom fixture removal and room partitions.

It was learned that the room interior partitions for most of the former Kensington Park hotel rooms are plaster/gypsum board (as opposed to block work) thus much work has begun on demolishing these internal walls. A contract with General Demolition is in place for these works over the next 4-9 months.

It was decided by the demolition contractor assigned that large waste disposal tubes vertically located outside the buildings would not be employed due to their associated noise intrusion and dust generation as well as the unsightly skips needed. Instead large bins on wheels would be used with street side waste removal vehicles coming in for pickup and leaving thereafter. Residents may have already seen groups of men in construction clothing on the street with many large orange bins being brought to what looks like a typical waste removal vehicle.

Some residents learned during the planning application stages that areas of the Kensington Palace hotel that were rebuilt after war bomb damage included asbestos as part of the reconstruction during the 1950's. Asbestos removal works are already in progress in this part of the hotel site.

During the upcoming August bank holiday weekend the remaining Mobile telecomms equipment will be removed over a scheduled one day period. Residents can expect some temporary road closures while a crane is brought in to remove telecomms equipment from the Kensington Palace roof space.


Over the August Bank Holiday week end one or more roads (Victoria Road and/or De Vere Gardens) will have temporary road closures as the Mobil Phone Telecomms equipment is removed with the use of cranes. This is expected to occur over 1-2 days during the week end.


What questions about the development do residents have.

Rumour Management


Incidents / Problems

The demolishing process has caused vermin to escape and can be seen in De Vere Gardens and they are now infesting the under pavement rubbish storage areas. The council should be informed.

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