The Victory Players

The Victory Players were a World War Two-era extra-human team in the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Modern Day Universe.


The extra-human community was only just, at the outset of World War Two, coming into recognition with the higher echelons of governments all over the world. Undoubtedly they had existed for far longer than this, but it was only now that their presence was undeniable, and further more, had abilities that proved useful in the battles of the new war that the world was facing.

The Victory Players were one part military intelligence, one part propaganda, and one part solider. The compulsory medical checks that all conscripts were required to undergo began the process by which many were discovered. Those with abilities that proved useful for the front line were pressed into service in an elite regiment known as the Victory Players. They were presented with costumes to inspire their allies, and armour and weaponry that would have been too specialised for normal soldiers, but complemented their abilities to a tee.

List Of Patriot Actors

Pacific Front

  • Eagle Flight
  • Sam Man
  • Spirit Of Victory
  • *record deleted*
  • White Nurse
  • The American

European Front

  • Girl America I (retired)
  • Bullet Catcher (retired)
  • Flag Bearer (killed in action)
  • Heart Of The Nation
  • Peacemaker (later renamed Peacekeeper, MIA in Korea)
  • Sasquatch

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