Victory RPG banner.

The Victory RPG is a Sandbox style RPG on the website, AJM STUDIOS.NET. It is located in The RPG Rooms.

It involves players creating creating towns, cities and nations starting in a fictional world in the year zero. Thought the time period starts at zero, life has carried on well before this point players enter the game. The player must make wise choices in leading their people, and growing an empire. Based on how the player follows technologies, works in wars, and manages their economy, will depend on their strength.


The game concept was released numerous times by AJM STUDIOS Administration to see the feedback from AJM STUDIOS. In November 2009, AJM STUDIOS tried to take a vote on releasing the game, but a lack of involvement and interest resulted on the game being put on hold till 2010. A campaign complete with ads, and banners was released in showing support for the game throughout November and December of 2009. January 2010 saw the creation of the Victory RPG wiki sub board as well as an official logo and design theme for the game.

Game Construction

First talks of the game began in 2008 behind closed doors at AJM STUDIOS. Work and design began in 2009.

Victory RPG
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