Armilustrium: an open space on the north-western part of the Aventine, probably just south of the present church of S. Sabina, where the annual festival of the Armilustrium was celebrated on 19th October. Titus Tatius was said to have been buried here (Plut. Rom. 23). The vicus Armilustri (CIL VI.802, 975, 31069; Bull. d. Inst. 1870, 88) probably passed through it, and may have followed the line of the modern Via di S. Sabina (Varro, LL V.153; vi.22; Liv. XXVII.37.4; Fest. 19; Not. Reg. XIII; CIL I2 p333; HJ 161‑2; Merlin, 313‑315).

Ref: Lacus•Curtius

Citizens Residing On This Street

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