Porta Naevia: a gate in the Servian wall on the Aventine near the silva (nemora) Naevia (Varro LL v.163; Fest. 168‑169; Liv. II.11; Obseq. Prod. 44). It gave its name to the vicus portae Naeviae (CIL VI.975), of which the via Ardeatina was probably the continuation beyond the wall. The point where this ancient road seems to have crossed the line of the Servian fortifications is on the east slope of the Aventine, a little south of the church of S. Balbina (Jord. I.1.233; HJ 185; Merlin 119‑121; Mitt. 1894, 327; BC 1914, 81‑82).

Ref: Lacus•Curtius

Citizens Residing On This Street

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