• Sonic the Hedgehog (from Sonic) as Big Bird
  • Pikachu (from Pokemon) as Elmo
  • Bowser (from Mario) as Oscar the Grouch
  • Luigi (from Mario) as Bert
  • Mario (from Mario) as Ernie
  • Pac-Man (from Pac-Man) as Cookie Monster
  • Yoshi (from Mario) as Grover
  • Princess Peach (from Mario) as Prairie Dawn
  • Mega Man X (from Mega Man X) as Count von Count
  • Amy Rose (from Sonic) as Zoe
  • Ms. Pac-Man (from Pac-Man) as Rosita
  • Rayman (from Rayman) as Telly Monster
  • Spyro the Dragon (from Spyro the Dragon) as Baby Bear
  • Princess Zelda (from The Legend of Zelda) as Abby Cadabby
  • Kirby (from Kirby) as Snuffy
  • CJ (from CJ's Elephant Antics) as Horatio the Elephant
  • Toad (from Mario) as Slimey the Worm
  • Vector (from Sonic) as Herry Monster
  • Peter Puppy (from Earthworm Jim) as Barkley
  • Baby Peach (from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time) as Baby Natasha
  • Red (from Angry Birds) as Hoots the Owl
  • Ryu (from Street Fighter) as Guy Smiley
  • Waluigi (from Mario) as Sherlock Hemlock
  • Wario (from Mario) as Forgetful Jones
  • Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong (from Donkey Kong) as Two-Headed Monster
  • Meta Knight (from Kirby) as The Amazing Mumford
  • Dr. Eggman (from Sonic) as Frazzle
  • Mega Man (from Mega Man X) as Biff
  • Zero (from Mega Man X) as Sully
  • Knuckles (from Sonic) as Murray Monster

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