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The Video Game Guild is a club at Wilson High School in which "students can participate in an activity that relieves stress and builds problem solving skills" as the goal of the club states. Curently, there is aproximentally 15 members, most of which are cacuasain freshmen males. Go figure. The Guild meets on Fridays at lunch in Room 202.The Guild started out as a crappy club and someone decided that Stronghold Crusader would be fun. The members quickly learned that the game was terrible and was ill suited for such an awesome club. Then the former treasurer contributed Doom top the club. Everyone had a grand old time playing Doom and creating WADs. Even non-members walked in and mooched off The Guild. Then a small young man introduced the president to something holy, emulators. Everyone had emulators for the Nintendo 64 and played Super Smash Brothers and other various Nintendo 64 games. And again, the non-members mooched off the members again.

Video Game Guild Ancient History

The Guild was started when a brillant freshman decided to found this club as an excuse to play video games at school. The club need a staff sponser, and after asking a really boring computer teacher, and bieng turened down (the freshman who created the club wussed out at this particular time) they asked another computer teacher, Mr. Jackson, who, as many Guild members had heared, taught a video game degisn class and enjoyed veido games himself. This teacher accepted, and now the Guild meet one a week in Room 202, Mr. Jackson's room. Some of the members include:

President:Kenneth (resiging next year because he sucks at life) Smiley. pros: Has Halo 3 Beta, obsessed with video games. cons: NO LIFE WHATSOEVER Hell yea, bitches!

Vice-President: Jeremy (power obsessed and future-president) Hardin. pros: plays lots of video games, knows how to be a dictator. cons: see above. then toss in some more

Secretary: Andrew (Drew) Cohn. pros: make sure all forms get filled out and the club doesnt explode. cons: never actually plays games at club meetings

Treasurer: Soupie H (Piece of poo) Dethlefsen. pros: it's soupie, rubiks cube, guitar hero. cons: dude cmon, its soupie

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