American School characters

  • Tod Davis the Red Coat
  • Ashley Shepherd the Blue Coat
  • Hannah Horton the Yellow Coat
  • John Cooker the Green Coat
  • Garrett Horton the Orange Coat
  • Gracie Grey the White Coat
  • Andy Carrier the Brown Coat
  • Samantha Newman the Teal Coat
  • Susan Brown the Purple Coat
  • Petunia Cooker the Pink Coat
  • Stuart Newman the Gray Coat
  • Tommy Grey the Black Coat
  • William "Billy" Seven the Maroon Coat
  • Tiffany Seven the Red Coat
  • Nicole Carrier the Black Coat
  • V3 Brown the Light Blue Coat
  • Sally Smith the Green Coat
  • Jack Smith the Tan Coat
  • Eric Cooker the Glasses boy
  • Mary and Mike Shepherd the Glasses kid
  • Other characters

School Park characters

  • Henry Parker
  • Tyler William the Magician
  • Sally Smith the Green Coat
  • Sergeant Holly Warner
  • Officer Peter Lewis
  • Private Emily Turner
  • Officer William "Billy" Lewis
  • Secretary of Library Elena Camp
  • Sergeant Frank Smith
  • Corporal Marie Flynn
  • Corporal Joseph "Joe" Browning
  • Officer Sarah Lewis
  • Captain Seamuz
  • Dinah
  • Stephen "Steve" Law
  • Doctor Amy Law
  • Captain Kevin Marshall
  • Captain Courtney Marshall
  • Lieutenant Evan Warner
  • Reporter of School Janelle Parker

Auto (series) characters

  • Troy Apor
  • Chloe Ries
  • Ty McCray
  • Nicole Kerfoot
  • Trevor Sever
  • Janelle Henke
  • Evan Dallmann-Kucher
  • Beatrice Diuck
  • Kyla Bernal Santelices
  • Cole Thiessen
  • Brandon Gilmore
  • Dawson Taylor-Bullen
  • Sami and Ash McKinney
  • Chris Lasell
  • various 'Private Team, Corporal Team, Sergeant Team, Officer Team and Police Team' characters

The Eric Show children

  • Eric Douglas
  • Tifanny Seven the Red Coat
  • Cody Tucker the Blue Coat
  • Penny Douglas
  • Peter Vincent the Red Coat
  • Sarah England (aka The England Sisters #1)
  • Mindy England (aka The England Sisters #2)
  • William "Billy" Seven the Maroon Coat
  • Samantha Vincent (aka Police Girls #1)
  • Annie Hudson (aka Police Girls #2)
  • Mr. Tucker (aka Security guard #1)
  • Mr. Douglas (aka Security guard #2)

The Camp Kid children

  • Mike Lyndon
  • Kyle Lyndon
  • Sarah Lyndon
  • Mr. Lyndon
  • Mrs. Lyndon
  • Allen Jefferson
  • Mr. Jefferson
  • Maria Dixon
  • Mrs. Dixon
  • Rebecca Stevens
  • Mrs. Stevens

Same characters

  • Cody Tucker (from The Eric Show), Sergeant Cole Thiessen (from AUTO (series)) & Tod
  • Ashley & Sergeant Sarah Chandler (from AUTO (series))
  • Nicole (from Chack Kids) Samantha & Sergeant Angelica Garcia (from AUTO (series)),
  • Susan & Yolanda (from Chack Kids)
  • James Cooker (from American School) & Trung (from Chack Kids)
  • Corporal Ty McCray (from AUTO (series)), Garrett & Tyler William (from School Park)
  • Alex & Sergeant Frank Smith (from School Park)
  • Garcia & Katie Parker (from School Park)
  • Hannah & Amy Law (from School Park)

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