Her Author name is Videogame Fangirl but her real name is Raine Branford

Gender: Female

Physical Description: A young girl with wide, innocent, and vivid blue eyes. They are the first feature seen beneath her bangs, her long flowing pink hair reaching her waist. She has a cute smile that curls micheviously when she is thinking evil thoughts. She wears a choker with the deisgn of a star on it, given to her by her Jun Jun Tesu, Nuruma. Her shirt swoops down a little low in the front, a camisole saving her from indecency. Her sleeves are a little poofy and fan out about two inches past her shoulders. Her top is a midriff, and she wears a belt with a pouch attached to it around her waist. Her skirt is slitted at her thighs and she wears short shorts underneath. Her skirt goes down to her knees, below which she wears laced boots. Raine is a little tall for her age, her height reaching 5'5".

Personality: She is kind and caring, the only problem is that sometimes her rash behavior gets in the way of better judgement. She's a ditz at heart but is always trying her hardest. However, that is only one side of her personality, she actually has seven sides built into herself. The first two are very stable, kind, generous, that sort of thing. The third she shows when she is angry, which is quite often as it is easy to get her upset over misunderstandings and whatnot. The fourth side of her is cynical and very observant, talking only when it is necassary. The fifth part of her personality is sarcastic and witty and can think of last minute solutions to problems. The sixth side of her is shy and quiet, her intelligence and quirky habits. The last side is the side she tries to seal away as ths side tends to lead to rather violent behavior and can even drive her to kill. She released it once and destroyed one of the Empire's bases in the north. She is very innocent and doesn't understand much, including what humans call love.

Skills/Abilites: She is part esper, a rare brand called an Esper no Ragi. However, since her powers range to instability, they were sealed away using the Mark of Death. Should she call upon the mark, she puts her very life in danger. This side enables her to morph into a flying being and comes complete with pointed ears. She controls the element of water and sometimes, the wind. She can also summon spirits to her aid and can control people, if but temporairily. To do each of these things requires a lot of energy, so she can't morph all that often.

Bio: Raine was raised in the esper world up until the age of five when she was stolen by the Empire. Due to her age, she couldn't repress her powers and fell into a coma due to the sustained use of said abilities. She stayed in this coma for four years, until she was reawakened by another esper boy, Inaro. They quickly became friends and he sealed away her powers so that she wouldn't hurt herself. However, this also erased her memories and she remembers nothing before the age of ten. Thinking herself to be human, she mingled in with the human world, causing catastrophes where ever she may be. She is sought out by many as she is the last link to Inaro and his bloodline. She has very few friends, including two humans, one Jun Jun Tesu, a sarcastic talking sword that can morph into a human, a vibrant esper kid that thinks she's an angel and an esper boy.

Weaknesses: She has no idea how to USE her powers since she lost her memory and is often very confused most of the time. She tries to be helpful but often makes things into a bigger mess than they should be. She's far too trusting and more than once has put herself in harm's way because she thought she was doing something good. She tries to help out her friends but it doesn't work out that well seeing as how she is prone to make the situation more complicated than it should be. She also angers too easily, even over trivial things, and can over react to minor details. She has a hunger for knowledge and hates it when she doesn't know things, which often leads to her compromising a lot of people just to find out what she wants to know

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