Vilaki are a race of green-skinned, pointy-eared humanoids whose homeworld in somewhere in Golem-controlled space, but who were transported by the Progenitors to many worlds in solar systems with jumpgates. As a result, Vilaki live under the rule of the Golems, United Republic of Earth, the Mantis Lords, House Lionheart, and the Horsehead Empire. The Vilaki traditionally worship a Great Spirit who is believed to have created the universe, and many Vilaki also worship the Progenitors and sometimes the Golems as lesser gods. The green-skinned race has often been targeted for religious conversion by the liberal elements of the United God Movement and Greater Vehicle elements of the Solar Church of the Unconquered Sun. Vilaki living in the United Republic of Earth are frequent targets of human-supremacist movements, and as a result are active in the Council of Non-Human Sentients.

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