Volume Five: Villains is the fifth volume of Legacies.


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
[[Image:|150px]] Rise Writer: Director: #1
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #2
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #3
[[Image:|150px]] Nocturna Writer: Director: #4
[[Image:|150px]] Spectre Writer: Director: #5
[[Image:|150px]] Trial Writer: Director: #6
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #7
[[Image:|150px]] Connoisseur Writer: Director: #8
Aurora is harassed by an art critic who accuses her of being fake. But when Aurora proves herself to be a very capable artist, the critic reveals herself to have her own unique ability. Meanwhile, Lionel gathers up the villains in his headquarters.
[[Image:|150px]] Pair Writer: Director: #9
Rose and Zara follow Peter around Eclipse to better understand where the villains are hiding. But their plan goes under when Peter's super-powered escort goes rogue. Meanwhile, Aradore doubts that Keltora's passion for him is completely sincere.
[[Image:|150px]] Lockdown Writer: Director: #10
[[Image:|150px]] Catalyst Writer: Director: #11
[[Image:|150px]] Villains Writer: Director: #12
The clock turns back two years to see where the characters were on the day the University of New Saxony stripped Lionel of his tenure. Lawrence is beginning to doubt that his role in POSSESS is as noble as he thought, but he has comfort in the form of his good friend Rose. A new computer whiz, Samantha, is hired, and instantly makes friends with Violet and Trish. Rachel and her best friend Timothy are in New York City for a bit of a vacation, but are soon thrust into a bit of a dilemma. Valerian gets to visit the new faculty of the University before it opens, and he's accompanied by Peter and a surprising old friend. Lionel is confronted by Cynthia and Shannon, while Zara and her boyfriend, Dennis, are watched over by a familiar POSSESS loyalist. Aurora opens up an art gallery, which is attended by two happy-go-lucky high schoolers; Drake and Muriem. Finally, Scarlett is getting deep into troublesome street race gangs, and putting her friends Jasmine and Yvon in danger.
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #13
[[Image:|150px]] Sweethearts Writer: Director: #14
[[Image:|150px]] Whirlwind Writer: Director: #15
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #16
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #17
[[Image:|150px]] Cyber Writer: Director: #18
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #19
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #20
[[Image:|150px]] Machine Writer: Director: #21
[[Image:|150px]] Swann Writer: Director: #22
[[Image:|150px]] ????? Writer: Director: #23
[[Image:|150px]] Throne Writer: Director: #24
[[Image:|150px]] Judgment Writer: Director: #25


Primary Characters

Scarlett Aerona (23 chapters)
Lawrence Lucine (20 chapters)
Aqeer Ikram (19 chapters)
Emil Romonov (16 chapters)
Lachlan Hughes (15 chapters)
Cynthia Gladwyn (14 chapters)
Violet Swann (23 chapters)
Rachel Tapas (19 chapters)
Aurora Talbot (17 chapters)
Jordan Lambert (14 chapters)
Valerian Ramhart (21 chapters)
Samantha Rubitov (17 chapters)
Peter Williams (16 chapters)
Rose Lucine (19 chapters)
Zara Lucine (20 chapters)
Lionel Keaton (17 chapters)
with Keltora (14 chapters)
and Aradore (14 chapters)

Secondary Characters

Drake Adler (10 chapters)
Britteny Ambra (9 chapters)
Chase Edmunds (7 chapters)
Muriem Gladwyn (2 chapters)
with Dahlia Rue (6 chapters)
and Shannon O'Hara (3 chapters)


  • No character appears in each chapter of Villains.


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