A historical video game fanfiction best known for it's epicness and stuff. Villains Unite was released in March 2004 with 13 chapters, Villains Unite 2 was released in April 2004 with 12 chapters, and Villains Unite 3 was released in May 2004 with 13 chapters. The 13th chapter of Villains Unite 3 has been redone, and many attempted sequels, most notably Villain 4: Final Frontier, which was cut off a few chapters in the making.

The plot below follows the most recent remake, this one in 2008. The author had the entire franchise patented early on in 2006.


Villains Unite

In the first 3 chapters of the original featured Bowser meeting with his eight children (Koopalings and Jr.) and several villains basically prepared for revenge at ironically the same time, but Bowser met with them and they formed an alliance. In the next few chapters, the villains invade, and the seven franchises (Mario series, Donkey Kong series, Zelda series, Metroid series, Sonic series, StarFox series, and Kirby series) all suffer many deaths, most notably sidekicks and supporting NPCs of each series, so that Mario is the only important person left, or so it seems. After a long and grueling imprisonment, Bowser sets out to kill him, at the final level of Super Mario 64, but Mario victors barely, and returns to the Mushroom Kingdom. Along the way, he encounters Shadow the Hedgehog (who turns good at the very end of the first fanfiction), Chaos Zero, Baby Bowser (in later installments a major character), and Toadette, believed to be the last survivors of the massacre. The original was redone many times to allow the events of the sequels to make sense. Also, Bowser's seven children (minus Roy who went missing) are killed but revived between VU1 and VU2.

Villains Unite 2

In the second chapter, taking place one year later, Bowser and the many villains have formed the Villain Empire, which is even more powerful than, say, the Galactic Empire of the Star Wars franchise. Mario and Toadette invade while the others stay in hiding, and Toadette is brutally murdered in a fierce Mario vs. Bowser battle at the hands of Ganondorf, who manages to singlehandedly take over the Villain Empire, slaying Bowser and then heading for Mario. Mario is saved by a series of very lucky events, and Ganondorf sends his entire legion after them, claiming Bowser was killed by Mario and asked Ganon to take over. Mario meets with the ghosts of some of his old friends, and discovers there's quite a few survivors under the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario finds them, and to his relief finds: His brother Luigi, Yoshi, and a few sidekicks, namely Knuckles the Echidna, Miles "Tails" Prower, Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, Toad, Toadsworth, a man named Cloud, and Professor E. Gadd. Mario hears word that Shadow, Chaos, and Baby Bowser have gone missing, but assists the legion in a few of their starships made by E. Gadd to attack the large Empire building, which had six months ago turned into a rocket ship. After a long battle, including the mysterious appearances of alive-and-well Bowser and Toadette, Bowser and Ganondorf battling, Mario finding the Chaos Emeralds in a hidden area of the ship, a self-destruct detonator goes off. The villains flee in their battleships, all except Bowser and Ganondorf, still battling and transforming into Giga Bowser and Ganon for odd reasons, and the heroes Mario and Toadette. Luigi and Cloud wait as everyone flees. With seconds remaining, Luigi notices Toadette and Toadette jumps in the cabin and they flee, unable to grab Mario, still in the center, who manages to use the legendary Chaos Control move to escape. Bowser and Ganondorf escape, Ganondorf taking the last escape pod and Bowser swiping Mario's starship. Mario finds himself in a strange cave, and Wario and Waluigi (who partook in the battle between Mario and Bowser one year ago) are inadvertently revived when Mario finds a cauldron with the spirits of the recently dead in purgatory. Also revived are Sonic, Fox, Kirby, Link, Samus, and Donkey Kong. This is all he can revive before he is magically teleported out into the hero base. They are relieved to see he is alive. However, a battle between the gods of the Nintendoverse and the gods of the Microsoftverse takes place, and Microsoft the god of evil kills the god of good, Nintendo. Nintendo is only able to save Mario, Luigi, and the six other revived heroes as everyone else is massacred... but Microsoft is unaware of a few other heroes... The New Villain Empire, with a truce betwen Bowser and Ganondorf, attacks the "Last Eight", leaving a cliffhanger for the series.

Villains Unite 3

In the epic conclusion, the villains concoct several plans, including an all-out every-member-of-the-villain-empire attacking-eight-people battle, and everyone escapes except Donkey Kong who is tortured and murdered. The next attack involved the Blast-o-Matic blowing up, killing Sonic. Then there was a kamikaze airship, the old airship that Bowser started the saga with, that killed Fox and Kirby. Another all-out attack happened with less warning, and Link, Samus, and Luigi all died gruesome deaths. Mario was believed to die, but drinking an elixir that "appeared to drop from the heavens" brought him back his strength. Mario in anger, kills a newer member of the villains, the mysterious Dark Dr. Mario, who killed Luigi viciously. Mario invades the lair, with a powerful blast of fury that he thinks killed everyone who was celebrating their victory. Apparently, four survived: Ganondorf, Bowser, King K. Rool, and Metal Sonic. They secretly follow Mario as he enters the prison where Shadow and Chaos are kept, fed just enough food to survive. Baby Bowser had apparently escaped, upon overhearing this Bowser wonders why he doesn't remember apparently entering the future and joining good, but attacks anyway. The long fight extends to the rooftop, where the power source of the series, the Platinum Orb, is kept. After a long and grueling battle, upsetting the fabric of the universe, which causes them to be sent to the lair of the Triforce, which the heroes keep the villains from touching, the Minus World, in which an escape is accidentaly triggered after days of being there and hiding from the villains, and the villains also escape barely, and the Space Colony ARK, which is destroyed during a self-destruct mechanism, requiring a Chaos Control by the heroes and a starship escape by the villains. The final battle takes place in this starship, as the heroes have Chaos Controlled here, and Ganondorf kills Chaos in the struggle, Baby Bowser appears and battles Bowser, but then the two have a discussion after fighting downstairs. Roy Koopa, trained in the ways of evil by Phantom Ganon, appears with his master, and Bowser kills Phantom Ganon brutally in rage, and grabs his son, who doesn't know him. After trying to get through to Roy and failing, Bowser walks into the corner, and for one of the few times in his life, sheds a tear. Baby Bowser doesn't completely understand what is going on, but explains to Bowser why Bowser doesn't remember all this; as a teenager, Baby Bowser suffered amnesia and turned more evil then he already was, and almost right before the events of VU1, Bowser suffers severe trauma that almost kills him and reduces him to a war-bent demon (according to Bowser). Shadow the Hedgehog short-circuits Metal Sonic, but the power of the Platinum Orb, enfused with Metal Sonic, allows Metal Sonic's emotions to stay alive, engulfing Shadow the Hedgehog and sucking him into the robot, merging Metal and Shadow together. Ganondorf finally unleashes his power scheme and kills K. Rool right before he kills Mario, and Ganondorf grabs Mario and chokes him. Up in the skies of Hell, Microsoft is killed by the spirit of Dark Dr. Mario, who returns to the Earth having killed his controller. He unleashes his instant-death pill, but Ganondorf blocks it with Mario's dead body. Phantom Ganon, also freed, comes down and orders Roy to slay Bowser and Baby Bowser, who obeys without thinking. Baby Bowser is beheaded, which erases Bowser from existence. Microsoft's brother Sony takes over and closes the door to Hell before anyone else can escape. Phantom Ganon and Roy head back upstairs to the rooftop, where Phantom Ganon mockingly picks up Mario's dead body. The MetalShadow fusion starts slaying anyone in his path, killing Roy by cutting him vertically in half. In anger, Phantom Ganon teleports away but shortly returns with the Triforce. Phantom Ganon uses the Triforce and controls Din, Nayru, and Farore, and uses their powers to have Dark Dr. Mario and Ganondorf to get sent to Hell. The Platinum Orb, on its own accord, jumps out of the MetalShadow fusion, and Shadow escapes as Phantom Ganon destroys Metal Sonic. Phantom Ganon fires at Shadow now, but Shadow grabs the Orb and deflects it, killing Phantom Ganon immediately. The Triforce is freed, and Shadow prepares to use the Platinum Orb and the Triforce united to go back in time but make sure that this never happened. The remake ends with "But sometimes, even the will of the Gods can be reversed..." setting it up for a fourth installment if there was ever one to be released, hinting at Bowser or another figure finding another way to go near-apocalypto.

In the original, Mario manages to kill everyone but Bowser, who turns Giga but has another duel, and Nintendo destroys Microsoft and causes Mario to win, doing what Shadow did in the remake. Shadow is evil the whole time in the original, and Bowser escapes the Platinum Orb's wrath, going to the borders of the universe to avoid being erased, but gets stranded many miles away from where the events of the VU saga took place. Bowser coming back was envisioned as a possible fourth installment. The final phrase in the end is "Mario stands around all of his Mushroom Kingdom friends, living their normal Mario games lives as if nothing ever happened."

The fourth chapter

The First Attempt

In the first attempt, following the original, Bowser comes back and starts a Villain Empire with the power of the Orb, this one much more powerful. Apparently, in the peace times, Mario and Peach had a child, DK and Candy had a child, Sonic and Amy had a child, Link and Zelda had a child, Samus and a bounty hunter/racer from another galaxy had a child, Kirby had a child with an unknown mother, Fox and Krystal had a child, and Luigi and Daisy had a child. These eight children eventually meet in a series of accidents, and were planned to unite and defeat the Villain Empire just like their parents... but the plan was dropped four to five chapters in.

The Second Attempt

In another attempt, also following the original, Bowser comes back and uses the same methods to get the Orb, and the powerful Orb is used to only go back in time to the fateful final Mario-Bowser battle with Bowser being the victor. Bowser would then revive his allies, but a few would leave, and a mysterious thief keeps attempting to steal the Orb. This attempt focused heavily on Dark Dr. Mario's mysterious origins (Dr. Mario in a lab experiment gone wrong), and the mysterious thief. The Villain Empire attacks the thief, and finds their former allies as well, and a three-way fight happens, eventually revealing the thief's identity- Luigi.

This attempt had such a stunner that the author couldn't find a way for Luigi's revival to make sense, without making it sound terrible or contradicting the original trilogy, so it was also dropped.


The author is more determined on remakes, but still expresses interest in a possible prequel and/or seque.


The series is predicted to turn into a sprite comic or something similar. The author created eight teasers which he leaked onto the internet in mid-November. A few elements of the plot have shifted.

Vuteaser1 Vuteaser2 Vuteaser3 Vuteaser4 Vuteaser5 Vuteaser6 Vuteaser7 Vuteaser8

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