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There are The new BBC news presenters of The villains.

The villains are:

  • Mr. Jafar from Aladdin
  • Sykes from Oliver and company
  • McLeach from The rescuers down under,
  • Amos slade from The fox and the hound
  • Abis mal from The return of jafar
  • Sa'Luk from Aladdin and the king of thieves
  • Br'er Fox & Br'er Bear from Song of the south
  • Custard from The 70's cult classic called Roobarb and custard in 1974
  • Stromboli from Pinocchio
  • Hook from Peter pan
  • Cruella de vil from 101 Dalmatians
  • Pete from Mickey mouse cartoons
  • Baron greenback from Dangermouse
  • Dr. Von Goosewing from Count duckula
  • Maleficent from Sleeping beauty in 1959
  • Judge doom from Who framed roger rabbit in 1988
  • Mr. Pete from Superted
  • The two classic villains called Napoleon from Animal farm in 1954 & Buxton the blue cat from Dougal and the blue cat in 1972
  • Dr. Facilier from The princess and the frog

They will stay on the BBC news through the years and They will do you a villain theme opening called Let's all get real 'cos i'm a big deal from The further adventures of superted. The villains on the BBC news will come on BBC 1 in 2011.

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