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Middengard and it's outliers.

Welcome to my Scratchpad. It is an attempting to create an encyclopedic database of my Conworld project, the planet Vindae even though I could probably (and in the end will most likely due to lack of interest) do this just as easy alone, I've decided to put it in Wiki form for a variety of reasons:
  • So that it will gain at least a small level of interest.
  • To allow others to use my ideas for their own stories
  • and to allow them to expand on them with thier own histories
  • Wikis are free...

So I encourage everyone to contribute to this project with thier own ideas and help me shape the face of this world.


This is the category for all articles related to people and animals: The Races of Vindae, the people, and the organizations, unique animals



Dwyrin, Alvain, Dokkalf, Trow, Urukai, Risar Kobalyn, Hume

Famous People

The people that make the History Books such as Patrick Dillion, the Alvain scientist who researched Magic; or Alviss Axestrom, the most beloved Dwyrin King.

Organizations and groups

The major players of the world: Silver Hande, Blackfrost, Titans, Aesir

Other Races

such as the Fae, Lycans, Wight and other races that are humanoid, but not quite human


the unique creatures that inhabit the world; Wyvern, Marks, Lindwyrm. And species that are different from their contemporaries such as Raptors



Alfheim, Nidavellir, Muspell, Vanaheim, Jotunheim, Svartalfheim, Thrymheim, Utgard, and Eden


Redrock Dale, Ouranos Peninsula, et cetera

Cities and Towns

Populated places such as Pomme and Dwarvholme



The July War the Titanomachy, Gigantomachy, various Theomachys, the Velliri-Vanir war


celebrations such as the Sakura Festival in Svartalfheim or Alviss Day for the Dwyrin


almost everything else: Weapons, trinkets, metals, art, or Landmarks


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