Minerva, known to its inhabitants as Vindae (World; literally meaning “were we live” in Old Koine)


Vindae is a planet covered in over seventy five percent water. Its geographic make-up consists of a large Pangaea like continent and several small islands, as well as a smaller, single nation continent. The large supercontinent that dominates the map is known as Middengard, though due to its prevalence and presence, the name is often synonymous with the whole of Vindae. Much of the continent is within a clime that allows it to naturally be covered in dense forest and lush plains, even the northern reaches are covered in pine for miles. To the south, along the coast, plant life can be sustained by the vast coastal fog alone. Middengard’s southern-most country is covered by an omnipresent desert of white sand.

Middengard is also quite mountainous; the whole of the supercontinent is a series of mountains and plains. Many of the mountains are relatively small compared to their terrestrial counterparts- most barely two kilometers- others though, tower above the clouds and would be impassable from above without a large supply of artificial oxygen.

The Island chain to the northeast has a few of these mountains. Having been formed from an undersea mountain range, technically these are the tallest on Vindae. Far to the west of the map is another example.

The country-continent there was formed by volcanic activity, the whole north a vast tundra of volcanoes, and geological fire. Geysers are highly present. The south half of the continent is of a lower altitude and of a low enough latitude that the average day is of a much lower temperature. This close to Vindae’s Arctic Circle though, all days are cold.

On the other side of world, in the south-western quarter, lies a tropical archipelago, the greatest rain forest on Vindae. Creatures here are so unique the likes of them can scarcely be found in Middengard. Islands are so close they can be seen from the shores of each other, most are within distance of a simple rowboat, some as close to each other as a swim. Farther south the islands become more temperate, jungle giving way to the Australeal Forests.

The final geographic point of interest is the subcontinent on the edge of the desert. Despite its location in such an arid region, this large (non-volcanic) caldera manages to remain lush. Surrounded by cloud tearing peaks on every side with only a desert valley leading in, it is only able to support life due to the glacier water from the mountaintops that runs down and fills the land. Much as on the island archipelago life in this isolated valley is wholly unique, but only here on Middengard’s mountain barred subcontinent can Vindae’s mega fauna thrive as they did once in the primordial past.

Untouched by the hands of sentient beings, the few mortals who have laid eyes on this unspoiled land see it as an earthly paradise, a place where Vindae’s ancient deities were born and returned to rest after the shaping of Middengard and the outer islands. It is a place where the Old Gods are said to still walk the earth.

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