Vinny Doombats is one of the warlords in the coalition against Stanley the Tool.


Vinny is Prince Ansom's right-hand man and close confidant. He has a knack for realizing that something doesn't look right and figuring out what is really going on, as shown by his warning Ansom about Parson's first attempt to lead him into a trap and his correctly guessing Parson's selective attack and retreat strategy before the unit report showed the detailed results of the dwagon raids on Ansom's siege train.

Vinny is able to fly. Also, Vinny commands an unspecified but apparently fairly large number of doombats. While they have been described (by Jillian) as "crap in combat"), they are useful as scouts, taking advantage of Vinny's ability to see through their eyes. Vinny appears to suffer distress when a bat is croaked while he is linked to it in this manner.

He is a noble (specifically, a Count), but does not attach much importance to the trappings and privileges of nobility.


Sometimes, Vinny's name was spelled "Vinnie" in the comic. Rob Balder has confirmed that "Vinny" is the correct spelling.

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