• Violet Gray and Lucy van Pelt (Peanuts) as Alice
  • Charlotte La Bouff (Princess and the Frog) as Alice's Sister
  • De-Li (Waybuloo) as Dinah
  • Paddington Bear as The White Rabbit
  • Boog (Open Season Series) as Doorknob
  • Uncle Waldo (The Aristocats) as Dodo
  • Bungo (The Wombles) as Dodo's parrot
  • Pinocchio (Pinocchio) as Tweedle Dee
  • Wart (The Sword In The Stone) as Tweedle Dum
  • Captian Hook and Mr. Smee (Peter Pan) as The Walrus and The Carpenter
  • B1 and B2 (Bananas in Pyjamas) as Bill The Lizard
  • The Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) as The Rose
  • Disney Princesses as The Flowers
  • Parsley the Lion (The Herbs) as The Caterpillar
  • Timothy (Dumbo) as The Caterpillar as a butterfly
  • Dotty (The Raggy Dolls) as The Bird In The Tree
  • Johnson (Johnson and Friends) as The Chesire Cat
  • Chip (Telebugs) and Jiminy Cricket (Pinocchio) as The Mad Hatter and The March Hare
  • Dopey (Snow White) as The Dormouse
  • Aladdin (Aladdin), Ally (Moschops) and Schroeder (Peanuts) as Card Painters
  • Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty) as Queen of Hearts
  • Lefou (Beauty And The Beast) as King of Hearts

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