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The Viraknion Toa is a group created by Visorak-kal in the BZPRPG. The History of this group is unknown. The Viraknion Toa was originally a squad on Metru Nui, which was later terminated with the death of the White Toa, leader of the squad.

Later, the squad ended up on Terros-Nui, where they, under the guidance of the Toa Virionius, formed the V-Mercenaries, a group doing evil or good in exchange for pay. The group was afterwards terminated in preference to the Icerock Criminal Organization, hidden somewhere in Ko-Terros. The original base in Ta-Terros was destroyed, along with the biological bomb that was intended to be created.

Lord Virionius, formerly Toa Virionius, leads the Icerock Organization and the Viraknion Toa.

Lord Virionius, Leader. Vaxor is a corrupted Toa, who leads the base at Ko-Terros. Carccas is the alchemist of the group, heading biological efforts to reconstruct a secret explosive device. Viora is head of Assassination and Communications. Vok is head Architect.

The Viraknion Toa has been associated with the Brotherhood of Ak'Rie'An in several occassions, but are not officialy part of that league.

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