Virgo is the mutable earth sign. Its existence is based on building a system of its reality. Being a mutable, it takes the principles of the last two, and melds them. Thus it takes inside and outside stimuli, and decides which parts of each that should be allowed to exist within the persona. Analyzation and synthesis become the ultimate core of being. Virgo strives to reach the best possible persona by sorting through all possibilities, deciding its attributes, and placing it where it best belongs.

Compassion and Pity

The difference between compassion and pity is an extremely important lesson for Virgo. Pity is always a weapon; it is used to put someone below you. When one has pity one realizes that whatever one has pity on is below him. Therefore he is moved to help them because they are so below him, to do anything less would be an injustice. Compassion on the other hand is the realization that everyone is the same as you. that every hurt you have, every dream you have, is similar to those wounds which inflict others. A virgo must learn that we are all connected through our being in this universe. Another word for it is empathy. Through compassion, one is moved by their connection and equality with others, as opposed to their superiority. Pity does not allow learning, pity only does what one should think is best, because those below do not no what is best.

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