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This is the Wiki that's dedicated to the Virtual Series by the author Matthew John Latham.

The Series

CTU: Manhattan

For more information, see the page: CTU: Manhattan

Mr. Thorpe and His Family

For more information, see the page: Mr. Thorpe and His Family

the I In teIam

For more information, see the page: the I In teIam

Inactive Series


For more information, see the page: Hartley

Hartley Was Matthew John Latham's first foray into the world of Virtual Series in 2001. It was a Virtual Spin-off of the TV show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, set after the fifth season. It followed the exploits of a young Watcher called William Hartley and his attempts to find out what evil is taking over The Watcher's Council.

It lasted ten episodes - and they were all lost.


For more information, see the page: Insanity

Insanity was a six part video series that Latham filmed with a web-cam and edited in Windows Movie Maker. It followed Latham playing himself being sent to a strange room where he's tortured and subjected to weird experiments from a man who looks like him and calls himself The Evil Twin.

It lasted six episodes, parts of a seventh episode and a movie to close the storyline were filmed. All episodes were destroyed.

Latham has been noted to express a desire to perhaps reboot the concept as a series of mini-scripts one day.


An aborted series that had half a page written which followed Spike in England. Not much is remembered except that the characters of William Hartley (renamed to David Hartley), Catherine Geonni and Lydia Marshall - all from Hartley were planned to be in the series.

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