A browse through a college bookstore conjures up visualizations of certain data structures. The tags under books aren't just price tags. They indicate the course (and if necessary the sections) for which the book in question is required or recommended reading. A virtual college bookstore might be constructed around a table representing such college bookstore cards.

For a virtual college bookstore in service to the (a?) pubwan education system, the cards or their virtual representation would logically represent open content textbooks, e.g. one on macroeconomic variables.

Since pub wan is about consumer-directed market data aggregation (i.e. consumer education as if either mattered), it is also, of course, hoped that the contents of the actual cards in the actual brick and mortar bookstores are fair game for fair use. One might look like this:

GSC 101

Utopia or Oblivion


I might mark it up as follows:

<example> <card longitude="-107.553044110536575" latitude="30.732223036698997">

<mandatoricity>RECOMMENDED</mandatoricity> <course title="Techniques of Geosocial Survey"> <department school="Podunk Junction Community College" name="Geosociology">GSC</department> <number>101</number> </course>

<book isbn="553-05263-125"><title>Utopia or Oblivion</title> <author><name first="R." middle="Buckminster"><last>Fuller</last></name></author> <price><currency symbol="USD">$</currency>1.25</price></book>

</card> </example>

If it would make sense to implement a pubwan virtual college bookstore, then it might also make sense to implement pubwan course's.

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